Introduction to Solar Water Heaters


How to Select Solar Water Heaters 

The majority of people know that the sun can be used to heat their household water with the help of a solar water heater, however what they don’t know it how to carefully select the right system for their specific needs. If you are looking to buy water heaters then checkout best and top water heaters in India here.

Each solar water heater is made up of two main components, the collector, and the storage tank. However, it is the other components that can and often do vary greatly in both design and efficiency. The design of a solar water heater is classified as either passive or active and as direct (open loop) or indirect (closed loop).

Passive systems do not use pumps or controls to regulate or circulate the water through the system. Because of this, passive systems are more durable, reliable, and last longer lasting. In addition, they are also easier to maintain. They are also less expensive to operate than the active systems.

Active systems as you can guess do require the use pumps and controls to transfer the heated water from the collectors into the storage tanks. Because these systems have mechanical parts, and require electricity to operate, they are more expensive, and require routine maintenance.

Both of passive and active systems will require a conventional hot water heater for a backup system as both systems can meet approximately half of a entire household’s hot water needs depending on that household geographic area and water usage. In some households, a solar hot water system could supply a household’s entire hot water needs, but these instances are few.

Direct systems are not at all effective in climates where the temperatures fall to or below freezing. Indirect systems, however, are more effective simply because they utilize a form of antifreeze in the collectors which reduces the likelihood of freezing.

To help you select the right solar water heating system, please visit the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation website at: The SRCC publishes performance ratings on solar water heating systems as well as individual solar collectors. These findings are the result of product testing by independent, third party laboratories.

In addition, every product that is certified by the SRCC will bear the SRCC label. However, to ensure that the product that you choose is the right system for your household and area, you have to do carefully comparison of the information provided by the SRCC. This will also guarantee your understanding of the products expected performance.

In addition, keep in mind that choosing the right solar water heater for your geographic area, household needs is only a small part, you also have to ensure that you select a system that is of proper size. Then the system has to be installed correctly as well as correctly maintained to ensure that your system provides you with the best performance.

How to Make a Solar Panel

Solar panels collect energy from the sun, and then convert the energy into electricity. Solar panels, especially the large PV (photovoltaic) systems are expensive.

One reason for their expense is that they the use invertors to convert DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power. Some solar systems can be interfaced to a grid, which will permit the homeowner to selling excess electricity when they have it or purchase electricity when they don’t have enough stored.

What many people don’t know is that they could use solar panel kits to build their solar panels. The majority of these kits include all of the components required for setting the solar panel including: solar cells, soldering iron, solder, flux, and tabbing as well as detailed instructions on how to make assemble the solar panel.

For many of the kits, you only have to be able to read and follow the systematic instructions in order to construct the solar panels. You will be able to save a tremendous amount of money if you can build your own solar panels.

There are two basic types of solar panels available. The first type of panels, the absorber converts the sun’s energy into heat. The second type of solar panels converts the sun’s light into electricity.

These panels are known as photovoltaic panels or PV panels and are usually installed on the roof, facing the sun directly to receive the maximum amount of sunrays. PV panels use batteries to store electricity, and then supply a household its electricity needs.

Each solar panel consists of a collection of solar cells and each cell produces a small amount of electricity. However, collectively the cells produce enough electricity to supply an entire household’s power requirements.

In addition to choosing the type of panels you want, you can select from different types of tracking solar mounts. The first type is single-axis tracker, which is fixed at a vertical angle that is manually maneuvered to follow the path of the sun during seasonal changes. The second type is the dual-axis tracker, which automatically adjusts the vertical angle.

Solar panels that you build from kits are an effective way to reduce your energy bills, and help the environment all at the same time. Go online and research some of the many solar panel kits that are available.

Looking for Fridge Freezers and Mini Fridges ?

 Side by Side fridge freezers

LG GWB227YBQA Specification

The LG GWB227YBQA is Inspiringly designed, beautifully finished styles in a western black, its been developed to assist the way you live today. This model is part of the American Style Side by Side Series, excellently designed and thought out by one the leading home appliance brand names in the world! Checkout best quality fridge freezers here.

The GWB227YBQA is gorgeous looking slick Fridge-Freezer, with Classic American style looking long handles. This colour is relatively unique as most fridge Freezers in the Side by Side series are usually finished in a safe grey looking stainless steel.

Here at you will find the finest selection of GWB227YBQA Side by Side Best Prices with you in mind. LG Electronics believe that customers are paramount to the success and of their business and as a result are dedicated to providing innovative products with intelligent features helping each household as much as possible. The world is becoming a fast paced and non stop place, and LG realise this so they manufacture home appliances to suit.

LG Electronics (LG), is a fast growing player in the Home Appliances market, they are always able to offer unique and stylish designs for consumers to enjoy in our homes whilst maintaining practicality values.

By doing so it can have a positive knock on effect to peoples lives, whether that be saving time in a fast moving world or improving performance and reliability.

LG is prepared to push the industry forward and be a leader in innovation to bring you the very best in USA style Refrigerators .Their slogan “Lifes Good” is exactly how you will feel and you will take pride in owning your Side-by-Side Fridge-Freezer.

we’ll do our best to help you find the Best deals for the LG GWB227YBQA American refrigerator.

Alternatively if you would like to see what customers who have bought this think about this product then please visit the LG GWB227YBQA Reviews section.


5 Digital Temperature Sensors

In the GWB227YBQA, LG have intelligently added what is called Digital Sensor technology. With this model there are five sensors that monitor and when required respond to any unwanted fluctuations keeping the interior at the optimum level keeping it constant so your food stays fresher for longer.
Bio Silver and Bio Shield

When it comes to looking after their customer LG ate always on top. An addition to the Side by Side series they have included Bio Silver and Bio Sield.

The Bio Silver is a silver-ion-coated protection agent that deters things such as fungus and bacteria, it is even recognised by leading health authorities. then theres the so called Bio Shield which is used on the gasket and acts as an anti-macrobial agent which prevent mould growth.

Xtra Space Icer

Since the upper basket in the door is less useful for storing food, LG have decided to move the ice maker to the freezer door.The “XtraSpace” Icer is one of the first true door mounted ice making system.

Mini Fridge

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We have searched the market to provide you with the highest quality products at the best prices that suit your individual needs and applications. These items are all manufactured by industry leaders so you can be assured that your purchase is backed by years of experience and expertise.

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Quality and Performance

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Best Exercise Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Finding A Good Recumbent Exercise Bike

In order to find the best recumbent exercise bike, you need to determine what the machine can do for you, and what you want it to do for you. A good exercise bike will help you maintain a high level of fitness by helping you both lose weight and keep your heart and other organs healthy. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth the time and money to determine the best bike for you before buying anything. If you are looking for top quality exercise bikes, then checkout best exercise bikes in UK here.

Exercise Bikes Are Good For Everyone

It’s tempting to look at more complex pieces of equipment than a bike, but many of them are easy to misuse and accidentally hurt yourself with. Unless a trainer or doctor specifically recommends a machine, you are likely better off staying away from them, especially if you already have some sort of injury or physical limitation. This is one point where the recumbent exercise bike comes in handy.

Recumbent bikes allow the back to relax and is very useful for rehabilitation, as there’s a very low risk of injury on them and they’re easy to use. This comfort isn’t just a luxury element either. Having a bike that’s easy to use also increases the odds that you’re going to use it over and over again.

A Heavy Weight Will Prevent Cheating

Having a bike that weighs more will help you get the proper workout. How so? A cheaper, lightweight machine will usually start to move a little when you begin exercising hard. This is going to keep you from reaching your maximum potential. It’s a little nerve wracking to pedal a bike when it’s moving underneath you, and who knows what that kind of stress is going to do to the actual bike itself too.

During this rocking, the joints and screws on the bike are slowly getting loose, which begins a process of deterioration that speeds up the looser they get. Because of this, you really should get a sturdy, rugged machine if you want to be able to push yourself as hard as you can without worrying about the machine you’re using.

Fight Exercise Boredom with Electronics

Having a machine that can vary the exercise or customize itself to you will help keep you from getting bored with your exercise routine. Modern exercise bikes come programmed with a system of resistance exercises that make it feel very similar to a real bike ride. It’s a simply way to add a little flavor to an otherwise dull, monotonous ride. Getting bored with regular fitness is a common reason people quit, but with the proper bike, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Exercise Bikes Benefit Women Especially

Women lead busy lives and may not have much time to fit regular exercise into their schedules. A high quality exercise bike can work different muscle groups at once, saving time on an exercise routine. You’ll end up getting toned muscles and a cardiac workout at the same time.

When you’re pedaling a bike, you’re working both the upper and lower groups of muscles in your legs, and the hip muscles at the same time. These are large muscles that can cause problems if allowed to weaken, so riding an exercise bike gives you maximum benefit for minimal time spent.

Commercial Grade Machines are the Highest Quality

A commercial grade machine is slightly more expensive, but it’s not a lot more, especially considering what you get for your money. You’ll have a sturdy construction, the best electronics available for a stationary bike, and the best level of comfort on the market.

The best recumbent exercise bike will be usable by anyone. It will encourage you to push yourself while at the same time ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible, and aren’t risking hurting yourself. They are excellent investments.

Mountain Biking with the Pinn’r

Mountain Biking is a favorite activity for a great many people. What will make it even better, is riding the proper mountain bike. The bike that seems to meet all the needs of mountain bikers is the Pinn’r mountain bike. With so many mountain bikes available in the market, Finding the top mountain bikes is a difficult task.

This mountain bike is manufactured by Mongoose. When the Pinn’r was designed the company took into consideration ideas from some of the top mountain bike riders.

The framing material on this bike is aluminum making it lighter weight. This model is a downhill freeride bike with 26 inch wheels. One of the great features of this bike is the dual suspension. The front and rear suspension give this bike a smooth ride.

Upon rigorous testing the tires responded and performed quite well while riding around high speed corners. While being tested in rough terrain the bike held up quite well. It was found that the bike performed the best in wide open terrains.

There were a few things that were found to be problems with the mongoose Pinn’r. When riding across the terrain the I beam did not appear to be holding the seat into place. With bumps the seat ended in a pointed up position. The rims also seemed to have problems. They experienced flat spots on rough terrains.

This mountain bike does not have a lot of high end parts but still performs quite nicely for the most part. Therefore, If you are looking for an economical bike With good value then this is the bike for you to hit the trails on.

Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate Mountain Bike

The Cannondale Scalpel is an amazing bike, if you have the money for it. At a whopping $9,599 retail, it carries a hefty price tag. However, many riders insist that the price is worth every cent- especially when considering the advantages over the nearest competitors.

Rear wheel travel has been improved by 80mm over earlier models, which gives it a twenty-four percent advantage over the Merida Ninety-six (the nearest competitor) and a forty percent advantage over the Scott Spark RC and the Trek Top Fuel.

Another amazing feature of the Scalpel is the weight- which is reported to be about eighteen and a half pounds, or eight point four kilos. The way they keep the weight so low is the same as previous generation models; the bike consists almost entirely of carbon, aside from parts such as the dropouts and post-mount discs are still aluminum. The company explains this by explaining that the weight is nearly the same and the aluminum holds up to heat stress better.

In short, the two features listed are only a couple of the traits that make this bike so attractive to those with the money to pay for it. The Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate Mountain Bike certainly lives up to Cannondale’s boasts about it- and the price tag agrees.

This bike is one of the lightest and fastest on the market, and is a great choice for any off-road enthusiast. For a full list of the mountain bike’s differences from the last-gen model and advantages over other competitors, see Cannondale’s site for the full schematics.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover vacuum cleaners have been manufactured since 1908, making them one of the oldest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in the world. Hoover products have been a global phenomenon since the start. In fact, Hoover are so well known the world over, that vacuum cleaner is synonymous with the word ‘hoover’. Since there are so many top vacuum cleaners available in the market, Finding the best vacuum cleaners in UK is a time consuming task.

But it isn’t just Hoover’s long history of manufacturing vacuum cleaners that you should be aware of when thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner. Hoover also make some of the best vacuum cleaners you can buy. And, they also supply many different models of vacuum cleaners. Whatever particular type of floor cleaning product you’re looking for, you can find a Hoover vacuum cleaner built for that purpose. Checkout 10 best quality vacuum cleaners here.

Some of the models of Hoover vacuums you can buy include the Hoover FloorMate; a Floor-to-Floor hard floor cleaning solution with a dual function dry/wet operation and a removable Brush Assembly and Nozzle Squeegee. If you want to deep clean your carpets maybe one of the top rated Hoover steam vacuums is for you.

The exclusive Spin Scrub brushes clean all sides of the carpet fiber. Heat action combined with tremendous suction leaves carpets clean and dry. It’s fantastic for households with children and pets. Other types of Hoover vacuums include the central vac system as well as speciality vacuums, such as bagless vacuums, hand held vacuums and heavy duty garage vacuum cleaners.

Hoover vacuum cleaners also come with a great customer sales service. Vacuum after sales care is definitely something you should be considering when buying the best vacuum cleaner you can afford and you can’t do better than trusting Hoover to take care of you.

No matter where you live you can find a service center near you. Because Hoover has been in the business so long and is so well known, getting a new Hoover part for your vacuum is easy, straightforward and quick.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Oreck vacuum cleaners are renowned for their upright models and there’s no doubt that an Oreck vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful upright vacuum cleaners that you can buy. So, if you want a top rated upright then an Oreck vacuum cleaner may be the one for you.

The company has made great strides in producing a model that cuts down on the amount of allergens that are released back into the air during vacuuming. This has culminated in the release of the Oreck XL Deluxe Vacuum, which has a 50% filtration improvement and eliminates 99.99% of all allergens down to 0.3 microns.

This is due to its Saniseal® system that locks dirt in the bag, so your whole family will breathe a lot easier because you’ll clean the air as you clean your floors. The XL Deluxe Vacuum only weighs in at 8 lbs, incredibly light! Its suction power is 9000 feet per minute which is equivalent to 102 MPH) and brush revolutions (6500 rpms – revolutions per minute) – one of the highest in the industry.

The XL Deluxe also utilizes a “Top-fill” technique that enables the dirt to enter the vacuum through the handle and dump down into the vacuum cleaner bag – it actually fills from the top, not the bottom. This means that suction power is maintained as the bag fills ups.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

No other appliance company offers a wider choice of products for your home and you can rest assured that Electrolux vacuum cleaners are second to none. Buying an Electrolux vacuum is buying piece of mind.

Electrolux has pioneered the design of vacuum cleaners. Whatever type of requirement you have, Electrolux has the right vacuum cleaner for you. From the stylish, lightweight Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum to the ultra quiet Harmony Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Electrolux vacuums can handle all the cleaning tasks in your home.

If you want to keep your family safe from allergens then you can’t do better than buying one of the Electrolux Oxygen canister vacuum cleaners. There’s a few models to choose from. They all offer superior filtration with a HEPA sealed system and powerful suction.

The washable long life hepa filters are great for those with allergies since they remove at least 99.5% of dust and allergens from the air. Both the Oxygen and Oxygen Ultra vacuums are fantastic with all carpet densities, area rugs, and bare floors thanks to a deep cleaning motor driven powerhead with a unique clear view.

The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association recommends the Electrolux air cleaner Oxygen Z7030, in part because it adjusts its effect according to the concentration of particles in the air.

If you really want cutting edge technology, then the Electrolux Trilobite robot vacuum cleaner might be for you. It will automatically vacuum your home while you find something else to do. Some robot vacuum cleaners, built by other manufacturers, use a simple bump and turn mechanism.

Basically the robot detects an obstruction and then turns in a random direction. Given enough time, it will vacuum your entire floor. The Electrolux Trilobite vacuum is more intelligent. It actually builds a map of your home and uses this information to figure out a way to travel efficiently around the entire room and cover all the places that it can get to!

Buying the best vacuum cleaner can be easier said than done. You can make this a lot easier if you choose one from the range of Electrolux vacuum cleaners. You can also rest assured that getting hold of Electrolux vacuum bags is easy, as is getting Electrolux vacuums parts.

Stand Mixer Reviews

Hamilton Beach 63221 Eclectrics Stand Mixer

This is a die-cast metal stand mixer. The Hamilton Beach 63221 Eclectrics Stand Mixer blends all-metal sturdiness with mixing experience. With four hundred watts of power, the Hamilton Beach 63221 Eclectrics Stand Mixer options 2-Way rotating mixing action. Since there are so many best stand mixers available at online stores, finding the top stand mixers in India is a frustrating task.

Mixing head circles round the bowl as beater rotates within the facing for thorough hands-free mixing of ingredients. Chrome steel 4.5 quart locking bowl with handle.

Fast release tilt-up head on the Hamilton Beach stand mixer is straightforward to use. Assure constant power for consistent mixing as ingredients are added. Twelve settings giving mixing flexibility and precise management at each speed.

Special Features

Making restaurant flavour food is all regarding using the right combine and within the Hamilton Beach 63221 Eclectrics All-Metal Stand Mixer, it’s created for perfection. The Hamilton Beach stand mixer comes with a 400-watt motor.

This powerful motor makes certain there’s constant power despite what you are mixing. The stand mixer has twelve totally different speed settings, therefore you’ll be able to combine a good sort of things.

The Hamilton Beach 63221 offers two-way mixing action. The beater rotates in one direction, during the blending head rotates within the alternative direction. This ensure that your ingredients are mixed totally. You will not even need to rotate the bowl.

Speaking of the bowl, the Hamilton Beach 63221 stand mixer has a 4.5-quart bowl. The stainless-steel bowl is meant to lock into the bottom of the stand mixer. This can make sure that the bowl remains stable during the ingredients are mixing.

The stand mixer is additionally packaged with a two-piece pouring shield. The shield fits round the stainless-steel bowl therefore you’ll be able to add a lot of ingredients simply. The shield also facilitates keep ingredients within the bowl so that they do not end on your countertop.

Another fine feature provided by Hamilton Beach 63221 stand mixer is that the tilted head. It’s designed to unharness quickly therefore you’ll be able to gain access to the bowl simply. You’ll be able to also lock the top in place.

The Hamilton Beach 63221 is packaged with numerous recipes and therefore the pouring shield. You’re also supplied with 3 mixing attachments. They incorporate a dough hook, a flat beater and wire whisk. The Hamilton Beach stand mixer encompasses a 400-watt motor that gives twelve totally different speeds.

And the stainless-steel bowl locks into the bottom of the unit to confirm it remains stable throughout the blending process. You’ll be able to tilt the top back to gain access to the bowl simply. Also, you are supplied with a dough hook, wire whisk & flat beater with the stand mixer. 


The Hamilton Beach 63221 stand mixer is powered by a robust 400-Watt motor developed to handle every kind of blending jobs whether it’s significant or not and options 12-speed settings (from terribly slow to terribly quick stirring) that offers the choices of using the right speed for a specific mix and with distinctive mixing head that spins in facing direction as the beater to cover all angles round the bowl, expect to induce consistent and uniform combine that creates for excellent cooking results.

This mixer comes with stainless-steel bowl that’s locked into the bottom for stability, that’s sufficiently for giant family food preparation needs with Pouring shield included that eliminates splattering when the stand mixer is in use with fitted chute included to guide ingredients straight into the bowl to avoid spillage.

The Hamilton Beach stand mixer options quick-release tilt-up head that’s fantastic when there’s a requirement to feature ingredients to the bowl with none obstruction or removing bowl to extract the combination.

The Hamilton Beach 63221 stand mixer includes with three totally different attachments to perform three different tasks like flat beater that’s nice for mixing batter used in making ready cake, wire whisk that’s wonderful to whip cream to smoothness as toppings and dough hook that’s helpful when it involves kneading yeast dough in pizza or bread creating.

Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer

There are such a large number of choices within the market recently when it involves the mixers and blenders. One in every of the favored choices that you just will have is that the Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer. KitchenAid stand mixer is nice to possess however it is slightly dear if you’re solely baking one or two times a year.

Not everybody desires a luxurious stand mixer. The Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer is a good substitute compared to alternative dear models. The stand mixer is basically a robust one and might do all those hectic jobs for you during a flash that might otherwise are abundantly tough to be accomplished. The Sunbeam Stand Mixer options a robust 350 watt motor with twelve speeds.

With a chrome beater, dough hooks and whisk, you’ll be able to combine around anything. The soft start technology cans begin the mixer slowly that prevents splatter. The Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer comes with 2 glass bowls that permits for multiple mixing.

Special Features

The beaters and tilt-locking head are each off center to its bowl for creating the task of adding ingredients to be accomplished simply throughout the process of blending. The handle offers a soft grip and it’s been designed in an ergonomics way and might offer you with the most level of management and luxury. The Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer comes in white in conjunction with the gray accents.

The stand mixer provides you with 2 glass bowls and there’s a bowl selector switch similarly. It additionally contains dough hooks, chrome beaters and whisks similarly. Of these options will enable you to get pleasure from multiple and inventive mixing.

Sunbeam 2371 Mixmaster Stand Mixer offers twelve speeding choices for operating it at totally different level of speed and when it includes with motor generating an influence of 350 watt then the Sunbeam Stand Mixer will extremely assure you of the superior management on mixing and might additionally maintain its speed no matter its mixing load that’s being faced by it.


Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews

Making ice cream is a family tradition that goes back more than a century ago. Back then it was not about just making ice cream it was a family bonding activity that you can still experience and enjoy today. Checkout best ice cream makers in UK here.

Family values were developed as the mother blended the ice cream mixture and to achieve the freezing temperature needed to produce smooth confections, the father would then fill the wooden tub with ice and rock salt.

Then its time for the eagerly awaiting kids to turn the crank. These special days of the family gathering around stuffing themselves with big bowls of old fashioned ice cream will stay in your memories forever.

The White Mountain is widely thought of as the best ice cream maker in America, only this machine uses the exclusive triple motion dasher system so the kids don’t have to crank any more. This machine thoroughly mixes and beats the entire contents providing a path to circulation to ensure your mixture will freeze efficiently into the smoothest and creamiest ice cream you’ll ever taste.

You are not constrained to making ice cream the included recipe book will also show you how to use this wonderful ice cream maker into ice sorbets, gelati and many other frozen delights. It makes a whopping 6 quarts and you can add candy, chocolate and berries to make your favorite flavors.

The handcrafted wooden bucket is solid pine with tongue and groove joins, it has a beautiful finish with three coats of sealer, stain and lacquer. The powerful 1.5 amp motor is mounted on the top and will shut off automatically after the mix is frozen usually between 25-40 minutes.

Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker

Are you tired of low-capacity Mickey Mouse ice cream makers? This is a commercial ice cream maker that’s built to last. You can churn out delicious frozen desserts faster than your guests can say “ice cream”. This king of soft serve ice cream makers can pump out 2 yummy velvety quarts in under 20 minutes!

This baby does it all. Imagine making your own rich ice cream, fresh fruit sorbets, sweet sherbets, delicious gelato, refreshing frozen drinks, or frozen yogurts, and best of all, you control all of the ingredients. Never worry about allergies or other surprises again. With the Musso 5030, you can make a batch for adults and one for the kids.

Low on freezer space? No worries! Forget having to take up precious space on ice cream maker freezer bowls like small home units require. The Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker has a built-in freezer/compressor (i.e. a self-contained freezer unit) which requires no salt, no ice, and NO Mess!

As gelato machines go, you can expect years of excellent service. Although, we will have to warn you, this is NOT a cheapie soft serve ice cream machine. If you are on a tight budget then you may want to look at our Best Ice Cream Makers post for more ideas.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Lello Musso 5030:


  • It is very fast, making up to six quarts per hour – enough for the hungriest of families.
  • The texture of the finished product is very smooth, owing to the extremely fine ice crystals it creates.
  • It is very quiet – almost too quiet, some people say (which is a nice “problem” to have, of course).
  • The clean-up is surprisingly easy and quick – a bit of warm water and a few paper towels and you’re good to go.
  • It’s powerful and robust enough to be used in restaurants, so it will definitely cope with domestic use.


  • It is expensive compared to other machines, but our research has indicated that almost everybody considers it good value for money and well worth the difference. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this is a commercial-quality ice cream maker.
  • The bowl is non-removable, which in our opinion is not a big issue at all – the key factor is, how quick and easy is it to clean, and as we said above, this is not a problem at all.

The Lello 5030 will occupy some of your fondest memories of making home-made ice cream with family and friends gathered around the table.

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker

If you love ice cream and you’re ready to make your own 31 flavors, then the Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker would make a fine addition to your kitchen.

This is the litter brother to the popular commercial ice cream maker, Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker, which is a real workhorse.

You will easily make delicious frozen desserts that rival those in the ice cream shops – but minus all of the hassles of traveling, finding parking, and big fuel bills. This rugged soft serve ice cream maker can crank out 1.5 creamy quarts in less than 30 minutes!

How about making your own rich ice cream, silky sorbets, Italian gelato, frozen yogurts, and refreshing frozen drinks – to name a few. And the great thing is you control all of the ingredients. You no longer have to worry about allergies or other unpleasant surprises ever again. With this Musso 4080, you can make a batch for you and a separate one for the kids.

Remember the days when ice cream was hit or miss? Well the Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker (Stainless) takes all of the guesswork out. It is completely automatic. You load in all of the ingredients, press a couple of buttons, and the machine does the rest.

Entertaining? No problem, remove the first batch and IMMEDIATELY start the next batch with no waiting. This works since you do not have to pre-freeze the ice cream bowl for hours like the less expensive models!

As the Lello Musso Lussino 4080 is a truly solid icecream machine, you can look forward to years of excellent service. Unfortunately, we will have to warn you, this is NOT a cheapie soft serve ice cream maker. If you are after other great units in this range then take a look at our Best Ice Cream Makers post for more choices.

This will certainly be one of your best kitchen-investments as you and your family will enjoy outstanding fresh-frozen desserts for years to come.


Choosing The Right Juicer For Your Needs

There are many types of juicers and choosing the right one for you will probably be different for each person. What a juicer will do is as different as the foods you will juice with them. Some of the most nutritious foods are very fibrous with a relatively low percentage of juice. You can checkout some of the top 10 juicers in UK here.

Some foods have hard seeds or pits that will not go through a juicer, but the food after removing stones will juice nicely. Some foods are better made into a puree or homogenized than being totally separated from the fiber.

What foods do you plan on juicing? Assess your needs and the type of foods you want to juice. Do you want puree, or clear juice? Do you want raw or cooked juice? How often are you planning to make juice? Will you make juice several times a day, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or only once a year? With the answers to these questions you can start to formulate a juicing plan to meet those needs.

There are several different types of juicers that will give you very good juice, depending on your goals and needs. There are three that I would consider using for cooked foods. The steamer juicer will give you a clear juice by steaming the food until the cooked juice strains out through holes in the colander pan.

The food strainer sauce maker will separate skins, cores and seeds from foods to give a fine, medium or coarse texture puree. The blender is good for breaking up soft fiber and seeds to make a homogenized or puree type juice product. This last one can be used for raw or cooked foods.

For raw food juices there are more juicer choices. We have already mentioned the blender, which works well with cooked or raw food. For juicing citrus fruits there are manual and electric citrus juicers. For juicing most types of foods a masticating juicer will work slowly to preserve enzymes and possibly produce less foam. The wheat grass juicers are masticating juicers. There are manual and electric wheat grass juicers.

There are also masticating juicers that will juice most foods but will not juice wheat grass. The centrifugal juicer has a fast spinning grater that breaks up the food and throws it through a sieve that will separate the juice from the pulp or fiber. Some of these machines eject the pulp to another container and some spin it dry but do not eject it.

Another feature to look at in the centrifugal juicer is the size of the feed tube. Large feed tubes are convenient because you don’t have to cut up the food to juice so small. Centrifugal juicers are faster juicers but typically do not juice softer foods as dry as the harder foods.

There are many brands of juicers in each of these categories. The prices on juicers range from a few dollars to thousands. If the juicer is going to get daily or hourly use, you will want to buy a sturdy machine that will last and serve you well through continual use. You will also want to know that you can get replacement parts if you need to make repairs.

For occasional juicing, the price, size, and looks may be as important to you as functionality. Do you plan to use the pulp or throw it away? If you use it for broth you may not care if the pulp is really dry. If it goes in the compost you may want your juicer to juice it really dry. Know the answers to these questions as you search for a juicer.

Some of you may want more than one kind of juicer and you may use them all for different things. If you don’t want to own several juicers, get a juicer that will juice in a variety of ways, for example: puree, clear juice, wheat grass juice and nut butters. You can justify paying a higher price for a juicer that is more versatile.

Check the durability and health safety of the materials used in construction as well as the durability of the motor that powers your machine. Juicing for health is a way of life and having the right machine for your needs is important so it will be a satisfying experience for you.

Citrus Manual Juicers

An orange juice squeezer is used for squeezing juice from fruits that have a soft center such as oranges and lemons.  The citrus hand juicer is also be known as a reamer.  Some models are hand held while others sit on the counter.  They are easy to use and easy to clean.

Half of a fruit is placed in a manual citrus juicer and it is pressed and twisted to force the juice out through a strainer while the pulp and seeds are retained in the juicer basket.

A good benefit of a manual citrus juicer is the convenience of not having to plug it in. The citrus hand juicer can be used anywhere you happen to be. Another great benefit is that it is an easy way to get citrus juice. The downside of a hand citrus fruit juicer is that it requires physical labor.

Using a manual citrus juicer requires the use of your muscles to squeeze the juice out, which may not be our first choice when we want a relaxing fruit drink. Some people like the rewarding feeling of doing it manually.

A huge bonus for an orange juice squeezer is price. The cost of buying a hand citrus juicer is usually less than the electric ones.  There is actually a wide variety of prices for the manual citrus juicer, depending on features and the materials from which it is made.  I think you get what you pay for.  The choice is yours.  What will it be for you?  Manual or Electric?

Juicer Parts

You will find the juicer replacement parts that you are looking for at great prices. Please browse through our juicer accessories and review the product descriptions, images, and ordering information.

As you browse our categories of juicer parts, please keep in mind that each of our juicer replacement parts come with a satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure you receive only fine quality juicer accessories and are satisfied with your order. Please be sure to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for or if you’d like us to make a suggestion on items for you.

You can be confident as you shop with us. We work with reliable suppliers who understand our dedication to customer service and excellence in the juicer parts that you purchase. We know that if you find what you are looking for that you’ll most likely shop with us again.

Healthy Supplements and Ingredients

We believe we should eat right and get our nutrition from our food. Having said that, we realize that sometimes it just isn’t convenient to eat right. For those times of your life, we offer some healthy supplements from two companies that have a mission of wellness and police what goes into their products to ensure health. NatureRich is one of those companies.

Check out their healthy products and experience the good nutrition they provide.  Neways is the other company and we use and recommend their products because of company integrity and we can feel the difference.

These companies use the highest-quality minerals, most life-giving nutrients and best natural ingredients available in their nutritional products. Taking food supplements resembles an insurance policy to prevent deficiencies in essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are needed to maintain good health.

In preparing nutritional healthy food for your family, you want to chose the best ingredients for health. From time to time as they come available to us, we will be adding new healthy ingredients so check back often to see if we offer your favorite healthy ingredients.

Things You Should Know About Convection microwave ovens

Convection microwave ovens can heat food up to 25% faster than standard microwave ovens. Convection microwave ovens also work on a lower wattage, which saves energy and makes them more energy efficient, and they cost less to run than a standard microwave oven. Checkout 10 best microwave ovens in India here.

Convection microwave ovens can re-heat, broil, bake, and make food crispy. Convection ovens can be found in black, white, or stainless steel, and they take up no more room than a standard microwave oven.

The technology behind convection microwave ovens is the same as convection ovens. There is a fan in the back of the microwave, which blows over hot water and causes hot air to circulate inside the microwave. The moving air heat will eliminate or greatly reduce hot spots and cold spots in food, and they will make and cook more evenly than in a standard microwave oven. Another way convection microwave ovens differ from standard microwave ovens is that they can be preheated, which allows you to bake in them.

Like standard microwave ovens, you can get convention microwave ovens with great features, such as one-touch sensor cooking and re-heating, multi-language menu screen, a programmable keypad, quick minute button, popcorn button, and a keep warm/simmer function, which allows you to use a lower wattage if you just want something to be kept warm for dinner.

You can also find convection microwave ovens with turntables you can turn off. This would allow you to only use it when you want to, unlike other microwaves where you either have a turntable all the time or none of the time.

You can get convection microwave ovens equipped with Inverter Technology. Inverter technology supplies continuous power, so there is a constant energy flow. The intensity of the energy flow varies based on the meal selection. These convection microwave ovens provide consistent and even heat, which allows you to cook, defrost and reheat without the edges of your food will get overcooked or hard. The continuous power also means a faster cooking time.

Because the flow of energy in the microwave is never really shut down it heats up faster than other microwaves. Add the increased speed of inverter technology to the already faster speed of convection heating, and you’ll be able to cook just about anything in a fraction of the time you normally would.

Although convection microwave ovens use to be more expensive than standard microwave ovens, the prices have come down considerably over the past few years, and they can now be found for around the same price. They are no longer considered a high-end appliances, which makes them more available to the everyday cook.

Convection microwave ovens are the best of both worlds; they have the speed of a microwave but the browning ability of a convection oven. Because convection microwave ovens can be used for many of the task you would normally use an oven for, you can save a lot on your energy bill by using the convection microwave oven instead.

Convection Microwave Cooking

When it comes to cooking and convection ovens me and my ADD self just cant stand waiting what seems like ages for the oven to pre-heat. It drives me nuts! So I decided to get a convection microwave oven for all my convection microwave cooking

I have a story to tell about this which can be mildly depressing. One time When I was younger, probably about 13 years old. Of course 13-year-olds are going to be extremely responsible and especially those with ADD. Now for those of you who don’t believe ADD is real.

Just think of me as a very absent minded, curious little boy. So I was cooking one of those little $1 pizza’s in the oven for lunch and of course I got distracted while the oven was pre heating and Just took off to go follow my ridiculous curiosity.

I think I saw a bird outside sitting on our fence and had to get my BB gun and try and shoot. What 13 year old doesnt HAVE to try that at least once in his life? Anyway there was a dry rag sitting near the stove that somehow got brushed in front of the oven so that it was hanging down in front of it. Of course you know where this is going.

Yes after about an hour the rag caught on fire. I saw smoke coming from the house and got scared. I went into the kitchen to see what it was and to my dismay the kitchen area was in flames. I realized that I had left the oven on and started to cry because I knew that I was the one who was responsible for the fire.

Anyway my dad came running downstairs and started rushing all over this place trying to put it out with water and dirt and he even produced a fire extinguisher from somewhere. I didn’t even know he had one. Anyway within about 10 minutes he had put out the fire and was sitting on the ground bewildered and obviously stressed out from the whole ordeal. I knew I had it coming. And it was true. I did have it coming.

Anyway the point of this story is to illustrate my paranoia with regular sized convection ovens now. Yes I do my convection microwave cooking now with a convection microwave oven. Call me crazy but its just how I roll, OK? I don’t want my apartment burning down while I go chase after the next thing that pique my interest.

Convection microwave cooking is awesome because it goes so fast too. Yes I still love my $1 pizzas and now even more because I get to eat them faster. Check out the link to get your own convection microwave oven.

Types of Water Filtration System

Whole House Water Filtration System – Your Guide To Finding What Works For You

If you use the best whole house water filtration system, you can drink, bathe and shower with a feeling of safety and purity. There are several factors that determine if your system is the right system. If you are looking to buy top quality water purifiers, Then checkout the list of 10 best water purifiers in India here.

Is your water supply contaminated? Most likely it is, especially if you’re supplied by a local water system. Chlorine and sediments ruin the pipes and add hugely to your plumbing expenses. Chlorine destroys the fixtures and rubber parts, for example the flap in the toilet.

If you are using a private well, do have testing conducted. Then, reconsider all of your possibilities before you buy anything. One popular whole house water filtration system is called reverse osmosis. However, there are much better, much more effective options available, and they are a good deal less expensive.

Since my home uses the public water suppliers, I wanted to look into a filter system that would remove the chlorine and numerous other chemicals present in the water. After more than a little investigative shopping, here is what I learned.

On the market, you can find five effective and popular brands. Two of these products don’t say anything about chlorine reduction or specific percentages. The remaining three filters eliminate over 99% of the harmful chlorine, as found by the National Sanitation Foundation and Underwriters Laboratories.

After I did more looking into the best three filters, I learned of one that would have required another electrical outlet. It operated on electricity, thus needlessly increasing my utility bill while costing more for better water. No thank you, I don’t need that extra expense.

For several good reasons, I elected not to use the reverse osmosis method. It wastes water by “back flushing”, and for those of us who want to protect our environment, reverse osmosis simply adds to the waste water problem.

With two products remaining, I looked at one produced by the Wellness Company at a price of $5950. The other filtration system, made by Aquasana, cost just under $1000, and understandably that was the one I purchased. Still, I had to look more closely at their filter; surely there was a good reason for such a high price?

I had to assume that a filter system costing six times as much would no doubt do a lot to protect my and my family’s health, but a look at the company’s website did not convince me. There are lots of claims about the effectiveness of their product but I found very little proof of their assertions.

One claim is that the water is healthier because the system “enhances” the water by ridding it of chlorine. Well, yes, we do want chlorine removed for many reasons. True enough. But we do not have to pay $6000 for the job.

For us, choosing Aquasana was a well thought out and highly satisfying decision. And, we hope that you will also be happy with your choice of a whole house water filtration system. Be sure to do your research as I have; it can pay rich dividends.

5 Reasons You Should Install a Shower Water Filter Today!

There’s a good chance that you already know all of the reasons you need to install a drinking water filter. However, you may not realize that it’s just as important to make sure that you also have a shower water filter. Why is this? Well, take a look below for just 5 of the reasons you need to install a shower water filter today.

Contains more chlorine than pools– Most people don’t realize that tap water can contain as much or more chlorine than swimming pools. This is a big problem since chlorine has tons of negative affects on your health. A shower water filter will actually remove the chlorine from your water to make it safer.

Worse than drinking tap water– Another big reason that you should install a shower water filter today is that showering with unfiltered water is actually worse for you than drinking unfiltered water. Not only does the water sink into your skin when you shower, but you are also inhaling the vaporized water, which has a higher concentration of toxins than drinking water.

May lead to cancer– One of the chemicals in tap water, chlorine, has been shown to actually increase your chances of developing breast cancer, and this is just one of the examples. There are several different toxins that could be present in your water that are known to lead to various cancers, including colon cancer and more.

Pollutes the air– As mentioned above, there is a high concentration of toxins in the vaporized water from the shower. These toxins are then released into the air for you to breathe, contaminating the air quality in your home. So, installing a shower water filter will actually improve your air quality.

Dries out skin and hair– While all of the other reasons to install a shower water filter are definitely more serious, another reason is that you’ll notice a significant improvement in your skin and hair. Since the chlorine in your water actually dries out your skin and hair, once you install a filter, you’ll notice that both are much softer than before in just a week or two.

These are just some of the reasons that a shower water filter is so important. The best part is that it’s such an affordable option. You can find a high quality shower water filter for less than $70, with replacement filters costing around $50 every six months. This is a great value when you compare the cost to all of the benefits you’ll see.

If you are looking for a great shower water filter, then we recommend you buy an Aquasana product. We personally use Aquasana products ourselves and can say nothing but great things about the quality of their products and their customer service.

Types of Air Purifiers

Ionic breeze air purifiers

Every time when a new product emerges into the market and the people begin using it, controversies appear. Some people say that it’s very good and it’s doing its job very well, while others say that it’s not good at all. It’s also the case of Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers which are met by some people with high skepticism. Even if they didn’t try it. With hundreds of different top air purifiers in India available, Finding the best air purifiers is a challenging task.

In fact, it’s enough for a bad rumor to appear about something and everybody who will not even have a clue about it will tend to believe it. It’s the way that people behave with new things. They always have the tendency to reject the new. But always, in time, the good products are sold and keep the line, while the junk products are quickly forgotten and eliminated from the market.

But Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers have been already sold for years and the technology begins now to mature. It’s normal for a product to have a line of evolution. Every product has. And at the beginning of a product’s life, it is sometimes a little less effective.

And this is not happening only in the technology field. You can find this in all other fields like services, arts, etc. But you can see that Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers are always sold. Why did they not disappear from the market yet ? Because there are people who really saw it at work. They bought it and they are all impressed by their performance and efficiency.

The Air Purifiers based on Ionic Breeze have no fans or filters. Their principle is based on the property of electrostatic field which is formed between the two plates of the apparatus. This electrostatic field ionizes the very close surrounding air of the metallic plates causing a change in the pressure which is lower. Consequently an air flow is created and begins to move between the plates first. But this happens progressively and volume zones of different pressures are created which engage the next surrounding volume zones.

Particles and dust are conducted by the air flow near the metallic plates which are electrically charged and they are captured exactly like an electrically charged plastic material which captures small pieces of paper, hair etc. This is the basic principle and it’s very efficient with tiny things which can float in the air in a closed space like a room.

In a few hours after you turned it on, you begin to sense a more clear air and the sensation of easy breathing. All you need to do is to periodically check the plates, every 1 week or at 10 days and clean them. After a week, if you don’t clean the metallic plates, the air purifier becomes inefficient.

Yes, indeed, the Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers are not revolutionary in performance compared to Classic Air Purifiers and they are not very cheap. But I believe that they represent a progress. The advantages of using them instead of classic ones are the fact that they are completely silent and they have no additional costs.

Ionic Pro Air Purifier

Are you feeling more tired than usual? Do you often feel dizzy or nauseous and you can’t seem to understand why since you slept well the night before? Well, not many might want to accept this fact (while some just don’t know about it); our homes can become one of our worst health foes without us even knowing it.

Invisible to the naked eye are pet dander, carpet fibers, dust particles and dirt that float about in the air we breathe. Given enough time, we breathe them in too and they could potentially be hazardous to our health if we don’t pay any attention to the different ways of getting rid of them.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that sweeping, regular dusting and vacuuming would get rid of them. Unfortunately, while they do help, they don’t exactly get rid of everything and many still get left behind. If you continually breathe in these dust particles, you can develop some serious health complications. This is why an Ionic Pro Air Purifier should have a place somewhere in your home to make the air you breathe in, much cleaner.

This is the latest in air purification technology and you will notice a significant change in air quality once you have it installed. In fact, within just days of having installed it, many people already saw changes in their energy levels and over all well being.

If you are among the people who are a bit skeptical with regards to the Ionic Pro Air Purifier and see it as nothing more than a hoax then take note of the following. First, there are impurities found in the air that are invisible to the naked eye and are odorless, you cannot get rid of them through sweeping and not even vacuuming.

More often than not, these particles are the ones that can cause some serious health issues and they can get into your circulatory system quickly because of their size. But through the use of an ionic purifier, you can get rid of these impurities in a flash. What sets it apart from your ordinary purifiers is the technology behind it which makes use of negative ions in combination with the positive ions in the air molecules found in your home.

When these two are put together, they form a kind of particle magnet which pulls all the impurities in the air towards them. As they do this, they become heavier in weight and they would eventually fall down to your floor (where you can simply sweep them up or vacuum them, effectively) or fall into one of those collection plates that can be found in some ionic air purifier models.

Needless to say, these air purifiers are most certainly not just for you and your family’s well being but also in keeping your home a haven of cleanliness and good health. After all, no one wants to feel that their homes are unhealthy and is the cause of their illnesses. So keep the air in your home clean and bacteria free through one of these purifiers and see the difference it makes.