Best Exercise Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Finding A Good Recumbent Exercise Bike

In order to find the best recumbent exercise bike, you need to determine what the machine can do for you, and what you want it to do for you. A good exercise bike will help you maintain a high level of fitness by helping you both lose weight and keep your heart and other organs healthy. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth the time and money to determine the best bike for you before buying anything. If you are looking for top quality exercise bikes, then checkout best exercise bikes in UK here.

Exercise Bikes Are Good For Everyone

It’s tempting to look at more complex pieces of equipment than a bike, but many of them are easy to misuse and accidentally hurt yourself with. Unless a trainer or doctor specifically recommends a machine, you are likely better off staying away from them, especially if you already have some sort of injury or physical limitation. This is one point where the recumbent exercise bike comes in handy.

Recumbent bikes allow the back to relax and is very useful for rehabilitation, as there’s a very low risk of injury on them and they’re easy to use. This comfort isn’t just a luxury element either. Having a bike that’s easy to use also increases the odds that you’re going to use it over and over again.

A Heavy Weight Will Prevent Cheating

Having a bike that weighs more will help you get the proper workout. How so? A cheaper, lightweight machine will usually start to move a little when you begin exercising hard. This is going to keep you from reaching your maximum potential. It’s a little nerve wracking to pedal a bike when it’s moving underneath you, and who knows what that kind of stress is going to do to the actual bike itself too.

During this rocking, the joints and screws on the bike are slowly getting loose, which begins a process of deterioration that speeds up the looser they get. Because of this, you really should get a sturdy, rugged machine if you want to be able to push yourself as hard as you can without worrying about the machine you’re using.

Fight Exercise Boredom with Electronics

Having a machine that can vary the exercise or customize itself to you will help keep you from getting bored with your exercise routine. Modern exercise bikes come programmed with a system of resistance exercises that make it feel very similar to a real bike ride. It’s a simply way to add a little flavor to an otherwise dull, monotonous ride. Getting bored with regular fitness is a common reason people quit, but with the proper bike, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Exercise Bikes Benefit Women Especially

Women lead busy lives and may not have much time to fit regular exercise into their schedules. A high quality exercise bike can work different muscle groups at once, saving time on an exercise routine. You’ll end up getting toned muscles and a cardiac workout at the same time.

When you’re pedaling a bike, you’re working both the upper and lower groups of muscles in your legs, and the hip muscles at the same time. These are large muscles that can cause problems if allowed to weaken, so riding an exercise bike gives you maximum benefit for minimal time spent.

Commercial Grade Machines are the Highest Quality

A commercial grade machine is slightly more expensive, but it’s not a lot more, especially considering what you get for your money. You’ll have a sturdy construction, the best electronics available for a stationary bike, and the best level of comfort on the market.

The best recumbent exercise bike will be usable by anyone. It will encourage you to push yourself while at the same time ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible, and aren’t risking hurting yourself. They are excellent investments.

Mountain Biking with the Pinn’r

Mountain Biking is a favorite activity for a great many people. What will make it even better, is riding the proper mountain bike. The bike that seems to meet all the needs of mountain bikers is the Pinn’r mountain bike. With so many mountain bikes available in the market, Finding the top mountain bikes is a difficult task.

This mountain bike is manufactured by Mongoose. When the Pinn’r was designed the company took into consideration ideas from some of the top mountain bike riders.

The framing material on this bike is aluminum making it lighter weight. This model is a downhill freeride bike with 26 inch wheels. One of the great features of this bike is the dual suspension. The front and rear suspension give this bike a smooth ride.

Upon rigorous testing the tires responded and performed quite well while riding around high speed corners. While being tested in rough terrain the bike held up quite well. It was found that the bike performed the best in wide open terrains.

There were a few things that were found to be problems with the mongoose Pinn’r. When riding across the terrain the I beam did not appear to be holding the seat into place. With bumps the seat ended in a pointed up position. The rims also seemed to have problems. They experienced flat spots on rough terrains.

This mountain bike does not have a lot of high end parts but still performs quite nicely for the most part. Therefore, If you are looking for an economical bike With good value then this is the bike for you to hit the trails on.

Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate Mountain Bike

The Cannondale Scalpel is an amazing bike, if you have the money for it. At a whopping $9,599 retail, it carries a hefty price tag. However, many riders insist that the price is worth every cent- especially when considering the advantages over the nearest competitors.

Rear wheel travel has been improved by 80mm over earlier models, which gives it a twenty-four percent advantage over the Merida Ninety-six (the nearest competitor) and a forty percent advantage over the Scott Spark RC and the Trek Top Fuel.

Another amazing feature of the Scalpel is the weight- which is reported to be about eighteen and a half pounds, or eight point four kilos. The way they keep the weight so low is the same as previous generation models; the bike consists almost entirely of carbon, aside from parts such as the dropouts and post-mount discs are still aluminum. The company explains this by explaining that the weight is nearly the same and the aluminum holds up to heat stress better.

In short, the two features listed are only a couple of the traits that make this bike so attractive to those with the money to pay for it. The Cannondale Scalpel Ultimate Mountain Bike certainly lives up to Cannondale’s boasts about it- and the price tag agrees.

This bike is one of the lightest and fastest on the market, and is a great choice for any off-road enthusiast. For a full list of the mountain bike’s differences from the last-gen model and advantages over other competitors, see Cannondale’s site for the full schematics.