Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover vacuum cleaners have been manufactured since 1908, making them one of the oldest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in the world. Hoover products have been a global phenomenon since the start. In fact, Hoover are so well known the world over, that vacuum cleaner is synonymous with the word ‘hoover’. Since there are so many top vacuum cleaners available in the market, Finding the best vacuum cleaners in UK is a time consuming task.

But it isn’t just Hoover’s long history of manufacturing vacuum cleaners that you should be aware of when thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner. Hoover also make some of the best vacuum cleaners you can buy. And, they also supply many different models of vacuum cleaners. Whatever particular type of floor cleaning product you’re looking for, you can find a Hoover vacuum cleaner built for that purpose. Checkout 10 best quality vacuum cleaners here.

Some of the models of Hoover vacuums you can buy include the Hoover FloorMate; a Floor-to-Floor hard floor cleaning solution with a dual function dry/wet operation and a removable Brush Assembly and Nozzle Squeegee. If you want to deep clean your carpets maybe one of the top rated Hoover steam vacuums is for you.

The exclusive Spin Scrub brushes clean all sides of the carpet fiber. Heat action combined with tremendous suction leaves carpets clean and dry. It’s fantastic for households with children and pets. Other types of Hoover vacuums include the central vac system as well as speciality vacuums, such as bagless vacuums, hand held vacuums and heavy duty garage vacuum cleaners.

Hoover vacuum cleaners also come with a great customer sales service. Vacuum after sales care is definitely something you should be considering when buying the best vacuum cleaner you can afford and you can’t do better than trusting Hoover to take care of you.

No matter where you live you can find a service center near you. Because Hoover has been in the business so long and is so well known, getting a new Hoover part for your vacuum is easy, straightforward and quick.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

Oreck vacuum cleaners are renowned for their upright models and there’s no doubt that an Oreck vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful upright vacuum cleaners that you can buy. So, if you want a top rated upright then an Oreck vacuum cleaner may be the one for you.

The company has made great strides in producing a model that cuts down on the amount of allergens that are released back into the air during vacuuming. This has culminated in the release of the Oreck XL Deluxe Vacuum, which has a 50% filtration improvement and eliminates 99.99% of all allergens down to 0.3 microns.

This is due to its Saniseal┬« system that locks dirt in the bag, so your whole family will breathe a lot easier because you’ll clean the air as you clean your floors. The XL Deluxe Vacuum only weighs in at 8 lbs, incredibly light! Its suction power is 9000 feet per minute which is equivalent to 102 MPH) and brush revolutions (6500 rpms – revolutions per minute) – one of the highest in the industry.

The XL Deluxe also utilizes a “Top-fill” technique that enables the dirt to enter the vacuum through the handle and dump down into the vacuum cleaner bag – it actually fills from the top, not the bottom. This means that suction power is maintained as the bag fills ups.

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

No other appliance company offers a wider choice of products for your home and you can rest assured that Electrolux vacuum cleaners are second to none. Buying an Electrolux vacuum is buying piece of mind.

Electrolux has pioneered the design of vacuum cleaners. Whatever type of requirement you have, Electrolux has the right vacuum cleaner for you. From the stylish, lightweight Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum to the ultra quiet Harmony Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filter, Electrolux vacuums can handle all the cleaning tasks in your home.

If you want to keep your family safe from allergens then you can’t do better than buying one of the Electrolux Oxygen canister vacuum cleaners. There’s a few models to choose from. They all offer superior filtration with a HEPA sealed system and powerful suction.

The washable long life hepa filters are great for those with allergies since they remove at least 99.5% of dust and allergens from the air. Both the Oxygen and Oxygen Ultra vacuums are fantastic with all carpet densities, area rugs, and bare floors thanks to a deep cleaning motor driven powerhead with a unique clear view.

The Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association recommends the Electrolux air cleaner Oxygen Z7030, in part because it adjusts its effect according to the concentration of particles in the air.

If you really want cutting edge technology, then the Electrolux Trilobite robot vacuum cleaner might be for you. It will automatically vacuum your home while you find something else to do. Some robot vacuum cleaners, built by other manufacturers, use a simple bump and turn mechanism.

Basically the robot detects an obstruction and then turns in a random direction. Given enough time, it will vacuum your entire floor. The Electrolux Trilobite vacuum is more intelligent. It actually builds a map of your home and uses this information to figure out a way to travel efficiently around the entire room and cover all the places that it can get to!

Buying the best vacuum cleaner can be easier said than done. You can make this a lot easier if you choose one from the range of Electrolux vacuum cleaners. You can also rest assured that getting hold of Electrolux vacuum bags is easy, as is getting Electrolux vacuums parts.