Portable Blood Pressure Monitor Buying Guide

A portable blood pressure monitor is blood pressure measuring device that is easy to carry or easy to transport. Many designs or models of blood pressure monitors were made to be portable. Some portable blood pressure monitors are analog and some are digital. Portable blood pressure monitors that are analog are not easy to read but accurate and affordable. Though conventional type, these are still feasible to fit in the needs of the customers. Buying the best quaity blood pressure monitors in india is a time consuming task because you have to consider alot of things.

Portable blood pressure monitors that are digital are easy to read, although they are less accurate than analog types and costs higher. Most of the portable blood pressure monitors that are out in the market, can measure a user’s blood pressure and pulse rate in just 30 seconds. Some portable blood pressure monitors have automatic inflation and deflation that makes it easier for individuals to use it.

This device usually needs batteries to operate. This type is the common type or model of the portable blood pressure monitor. It is because blood pressure monitors that are digital are innovative types of devices. These portable blood pressure monitors, which are digital have less accurate reading because of interference and irregular heart beat. But these flaws in the digital portable blood pressure monitors are being given a solution.

Due to advancement in science, portable blood monitors that are digital are becoming more and more accurate just like the analog type. The developments in technology have made it possible to minimize the interference problems, irregular heart beat problems are also given a solution. Advancements in technology is expected to further enhance the unique capability of portable blood pressure monitors.


High blood pressure is something that each people should avoid. It is a risky situation that may lead you to stroke, heart failure or heart attack. A serious problem that is very common now. It can be very dangerous that the worst thing that could ever happen to a person with high blood pressure is death.

Although it is indeed dreadful, high blood pressure can be treated and sometimes prevented with just doing things that can help you lower it such as proper diet and nutrition and proper exercise.

Aside from these things, blood pressure can be monitored always by using blood pressure monitors. A blood pressure monitor is considered as a preventive health management program; it also improves patient’s compliance and is used to distinguish sustained hypertension from white-coat hypertension. Different kinds of blood pressure monitors are available in the market today and one of these is the blood manual pressure monitor. These monitors are a big help to persons who observe their blood pressure every once in a while.

Blood manual monitor pressure gives the person using it the control as to the amount of air pressure that should go into the cuff. It is easy and convenient to use and is very economical. Generally, this kind of blood pressure monitor combines automatic inflation but the cuff inflation is still controlled by the user.

Like any other blood monitors, this kind also displays the results of pulse, the systolic and diastolic blood pressure with easy to read digits. It is also light weight and very convenient to carry with you anywhere.

What to look for in a blood pressure monitor ?

No need to stress—for those with high blood pressure, monitoring your stats at home can help you and your doctors keep track of what treatments are working and what might need to be adjusted to improve your health. When you are investigating the best blood pressure monitor to buy whether for your upper arm or wrist, please read the reviews and buying guide here to help you with your choice. Wrist blood pressure monitors are totally automatic, small, portable, and lightweight. The best blood pressure monitors to be used on the upper arm or wrist are evaluated here to help you make an educated decision when considering the one to buy. You don’t need a prescription to buy an at-home blood pressure monitor. The meter electronic pressure, or also called the sphygmomanometer, can be from the arm or wrist, and is a very useful tool to control their blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular problems or monitor at-risk situations, and anyone can use it in a precise manner in the comfort of home.

The two most popular types of home blood pressure monitors on the market today are (electric and/or battery powered) automatic arm monitors, and automatic wrist monitors. We’ve done the research and created this guide to help you identify the best blood pressure monitor for you. For inexperienced users, it can be overwhelming, but hopefully, we have clarified much of your questions for you. They are not as accurate as are the arm monitors. In the United States, 1 in every 3 adults have high blood pressure (hypertension). When it is not controlled, it can often lead to a heart attack, stroke, or kidney disease. But before spending the money, you should talk with your physician about whether you need one. But how to choose the most suitable pressure gauge to your needs? With an automatic arm monitor, you simply wrap the cuff around your bicep and with the push of one button the cuff inflates and deflates automatically giving you your blood pressure reading on the display window in a matter of seconds.

There are different ways to measure blood pressure, which means there are several different types of blood pressure monitors on the market. These are ideal for home users and professionals alike. You must be sitting down with your feet on the floor. Typically, there are no obvious symptoms with 30 to 40 percent of adults not aware they have it. If you’re looking for information about blood pressure monitors, Consumer Reports is your best resource. In the market, there is a wide offer which often makes very difficult for the more accurate device discovery process itself. Wrist monitors work similarly, except they attach to the wrist. You want to pick the type that is best suited to your needs and meets your doctor’s recommendations. When high blood pressure or hypertension is uncontrolled, it can sometimes lead to strokes, a heart attack, or disease of the kidneys. The unit needs to be placed at your inside wrist turning your palm up, not on top your wrist.

Do Finger Exerciser Should be Included in Your Fitness Equipment?

Everyone is always finding different ways to maintain their body and remain healthy. It is possible, but if you have never been in a cutting stage before (losing body fat while maintaining muscle mass) you will find that it is very difficult to keep your body in shape. Everybody knows that exercise is good. Doctors have told us for years that exercise can help us lose weight, look better, feel better, and even sleep better. However, exercise sounds like work, and many of us claim that we just don’t have time to add more work to our daily lives.

There are many exercise equipment in the market nowadays that help you maintain your body. You don’t necessary need to go to gym and can perform various exercises at home. But many people fail to realize that most of the equipment available in gym or at home does not strengthen their hand and fingers. For this, you need to buy a good finger exerciser that provide sufficient strength not only in your finger but are also great for general well being. Now a lot lately you’ve been hearing that you should change your ‘lifestyle’ instead of going on a diet. If you want to lose weight fast you’re going to have to do both. Yes, change your lifestyle and include a diet to lose weight.

How to do exercise to improve personal fitness

Stationary exercise bikes are available in either the recumbent exercise bike or the upright exercise bikes. The recumbent exercise bike reduces the stress on your lower back, allowing you to sit with your arms and hands free and you sit in a bucket type seat. There is less strain on your lower back and knees with a recumbent bike.

To build motivation for exercise, Lerner recommends outlining the reasons why you want to participate in the activity. Some people exercise to improve their performance in a sport, while others exercise to tone muscles, or socialize with friends at a gym. “There is usually more than one reason why we exercise,” Lerner says, “The number one reason is weight control. It could be to lose extra weight gained throughout the year or to address health problems that have a tendency to appear in overweight people.”

Making changes in your environment can help keep motivation levels high. If your exercise equipment sits in the basement, consider moving it to a more convenient spot in your house. If you don’t have the facilities at home, purchase a gym membership. “When you provide for successful exercise experiences, good things can happen,” says Lerner, “You don’t have to do three sets of 10 from the start. Provide realistic goals. Doing one set will give you success, and you can build on that success each time.”

Lerner also suggests making your exercise fun. “People are less likely to see exercise as a chore when it contains elements of fun. Consider adding music as a motivator during the session. Mix it up a bit by varying the content or sequence of the workout. Work on arms and legs one day, and legs and stomach the next,” says Lerner, “By setting realistic goals that you can achieve frequently, you feel satisfied along the way. As you progress in the level of your workout, you’ll feel better. At that point, the workout becomes its own motivator.”

Lerner says that those who seek to benefit from working out should exercise three to five days a week for 25 to 45 minutes at a time. During each session, try to reach 60 percent to 70 percent of your maximal heart rate. A simple formula for figuring maximal heart rate is to take 220 and subtract your age. Each time you exercise, try to reach 60 percent of that number. To find your heart rate, feel your pulse and count the beats for ten seconds. Multiply by six to get the heart rate per minute.


Finger Exerciser Benefits

Your fingers are controlled by muscles located in your forearms. Hand strength is measured to determine the extent of damage caused to your body by diseases that are responsible for the loss of muscle strength. If you have ever wanted forearms that look impressive and bigger than most other men, you should work out with hand grips. Gripping involves opening and closing your wrists which in essence means that you engage your forearm flexors, as well as forearm extensors. The closing of your hand is controlled by your forearm flexors, while the opening of your hand is controlled by the forearm extensors. finger exerciser in UK

  • Physicians use these tests to assess and decide on further rehabilitation measures.
  • The principle works in this fashion.
  • Working on your hand strength strengthens and bulks up these muscles, giving your arms a powerful appearance.
  • Building your hand strength also builds and thickens these muscles, giving your forearms a strong, powerful appearance.
  • The hand strength of an average person generally peaks in the 30s.

Muscles that are situated in your forearms are the ones controlling your fingers. When you work your hand muscles during hand grip exercises, it becomes easy for you to carry out activities that require you to apply a certain amount of grip for extended periods of time. A hand and finger exerciser is a hand-held exercise device that has 4 or 5 independent buttons or plungers that the fingers depress to exercise. The average grip strength is 120 pounds for men and 75 pounds for women. Your forearm flexors control the closing of your hand, while your forearm extensors control the opening.

This is a great exercise to strengthen the muscles in your hands, and in fact, it’s one my physiologist gave me when I broke my thumb. Each plunger is spring loaded and the springs create the resistance for the fingers to exercise against. It declines rapidly due to aging. These muscles will be the primary beneficiaries of using hand grips. Wrap a very light resistance band around your hand, spread your fingers out to the sides and then bring them back together.

On second-generation units, the resistance is adjustable on each plunger. This is what separates these devices from other hand exercisers. Fine motor skills of the fingers are often impaired with Stroke Recovering Patients. This is an awesome feature that you surely want to have. Their individual plungers ensure that each finger gets exercised and strengthened and that no finger gets left out. A hand exerciser can come in handy to practice in-hand manipulation skills and to bring one’s grip strength back. In addition, with the second generation units that have adjustable resistance, you can optimize the resistance on each plunger so that every finger gets the ideal workout every time. Musicians, amateur and professionals alike, need to build finger flexibility and strength as they play their instruments.

Finger exerciser buying guide in UK

For athletes who are looking to keep their grips strong and consistent, this is a good product because it works out the forearm and wrists as well as the hand and fingers. One more thing to keep in mind is that it is not a beginner level hand gripper. Adjustable grip strengtheners often range from around 20-90 lbs resistance. GripMaster says that it is designed to strengthen weak fingers primarily for athletic purposes in baseball, providing for superior fielding, throwing and hitting. For those who suffer from wrist and hand issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, the easy adjustment dial makes this a popular hand exerciser product.

  • Many users have claimed that they did not think it is so hard to use even on the lowest level, but that is why it is loved by the pros.
  • You usually turn a little knob to lengthen or shorten the metal spring, thereby making it harder or easier to squeeze, respectively.
  • Using a proprietary spring-load technology, each finger can be individually challenged to increase the dexterity and strength of the wrist, hand and forearm.
  • There are also eight different resistance levels, allowing for a wide range of choices that also allow a steady buildup when doing consistent workouts with it.
  • Well, the price is not the cheapest compared to other hand grippers listed here, but you get what you pay for.

best finger exerciser 2018The main benefit of an adjustable grip strengthener is obvious: you won’t need to buy a new one every time you want a higher resistance level. Well made and very quiet when in use. Most grip trainers involve squeezing and using the forearms with positive movement, whereas climbing demands isometric (static) muscle contractions to resist the load of body weight. A quality hand and forearm strengthener that will last for long and provides good training for the long run. Instead, once a certain setting feels easy on the Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener, you simply turn the knob to raise the resistance and keep on going.

Each finger is adjustable, too. Additionally, the majority of grip trainers offer insufficiently high resistance for strength training, which lends them more to the function of injury prevention and general conditioning. The Finger Master Hand Exerciser is used by not only guitarists but rock climbers and shooters as well. There are three basic types of grip strengthening tool. This tool is well known in giving more dexterity and endurance in your hands, wrists, and forearms. Continue reading Do Finger Exerciser Should be Included in Your Fitness Equipment?

Foam Roller Benefits and Choosing the Right One in UK

Pain sufferers know that there are many ways to mask pain, but are not as knowledgeable about how to get rid of, or alleviate pain – from the source. If you have back pain, muscles spasms, misalignment and especially hip and lower back pain try any or all of these suggested techniques. And try them even if you do not – the stress relief and relaxation brought on by these methods will do wonders for you.

When I started working out, many moons ago, I worked my way through a plethora of routines, read a ton of books about health and fitness and learned that stretching was my friend. But after a lot of exercising, and a lot of stretching – including plenty of yoga, I noticed that certain muscles of mine just ached and/or just plain hurt and no amount of stretching and flexibility work on them yielded relief.

When I began my studies as a personal trainer I learned a concept that was totally new to me at the time: muscle spasms, and I became very interested in a technique for flexibility called Self Myofascial Release [SMR] that stopped overactive muscle fibers and lengthened muscle.
Learning about SMR then led me to trying out other methods of muscle release, and pain relief. I also learned that often the pain isn’t due to a muscle problem in the actual muscle/area you think it is, but somewhere else entirely [referred pain]. Knowing that led me to being an avid fan of total body rolling – if you work on your whole body you won’t miss anything out! The only thing you need to have is a foam roller to perform such exercises. There are different types of foam rollers available on the market, such as low density and high density foam roller. We will be having a detailed guide for choosing the right foam rollers in UK later in this article.

Keeping Yourself fit

I have had a weight problem all my life. Part of the problem is genetics and part is poor eating habits. I had accepted this as my way of life, until our daughter started to also have a weight problem. I did not want her to have the struggles that I have had. We discussed our weight and decided that we would work on the issue together. Along with eating healthier we started fitness training. We started our new way of living three years ago and both of us have changed significantly. The fitness training has not only reduced our weight and toned our muscles, but it has also improved our self esteem. I had not thought of myself as having low self esteem before starting fitness training, but looking back I now realize that many of the decisions that I have made throughout my life have centered on my weight.

I have been involved with countless diets over the years. I would take weight off and would then regain it along with extra pounds. I have arthritis so I often used this as a reason not to exercise consistently. All of that changed by being motivated to help my daughter and by finding fitness training that was right for me. That was the beginning of our transformations. We had been encouraging each other in our quest to look better, but having a professional guiding us was extremely helpful. We worked harder at the fitness training while at the club and we were more motivated to walk and bike on the days that we were at home.

Pain Management/Relief Techniques:

The type of pain management/relief I am covering here is primarily muscular pain. To learn more about how your muscles get to the hurting stage we need to talk about something called Fascia – pronounced fasha.

What is Fascia?
Fascia is something that you don’t ever hear about in workout books or general fitness magazines, but is something we all need to know a lot more about. Fascia is a connective tissue layer that surrounds the body, interconnecting, without interruption, from head to toe. With such impressive credentials it’s a wonder it doesn’t get as much billing as muscle, but it should, because the fascia in your body, when damaged, can be the cause of severe pain.

When fascia is damaged and doesn’t heal correctly, the result can be felt manually as taut bands and knots beneath the skin. Local inflammation can occur and if the knots are not addressed, eventually the fascia will become hardened scar tissue. The knots have a restricted blood flow and, over time, the muscle fibers often shorten as a protection mechanism against more injury, and movement becomes limited to avoid pain. Many people suffer permanent disability due to injury and have to rely on others for their movement. A lightweight wheelchair gives them little hope, but it is quiet difficult to cope up and overcome wheelchair disability.

Trigger Points
The painful taut bands and knots in the fascia are called trigger points which can occur from muscle trauma, skeletal imbalances and poor movement. What’s interesting about trigger points is that we all have them, many of them, all over our body, from the stresses and strains of every day living; but we often don’t even realize they are there – not making themselves known until you, or your massage therapist, presses on ‘just the right spot’.

Choosing the top foam rollers in 2017

foam roller exerciseAs we said earlier there are many different types of foam rollers available in India, they differ in size, color, price and density. Choosing the right foam rollers can be a difficult task for many. Foam rollers are essential. They are great for massaging tight parts of the body, especially for those people suffering from lower back pain. This one seems to be the best option for those just getting into foam rolling, as it is cheaper in price than most and has the simple standard design as opposed to the grooved and ridged design which can be more intense. This roller is made from closed cell foam that is soft to the skin. Everyone should have one, or at least have regular access to one, whatever your walk of life.

  • People also use them during their exercise routines to get a good stretch.
  • At 1.6 lbs and less than 6 inches long, this foam roller is the perfect size to store easily in a closet, bring on trips or even to the gym.
  • It offers good resistance that does not feel like it is pushing you out or allowing you to sink in too much.
  • Why?
  • A firmness will likely give you a massage that is too intense and incredibly painful. <
  • These are the lightest foam rollers on the market and will be the softest when you sit on them.

This is often a good roller to get started with as you will get good benefits without all the pain. Because foam rollers are such inexpensive tools with massively useful application. Foam roller reviews are a great way to determine the firmness of any given model. Just like a deep massage can be intense at times, so can foam rolling. Over time and with long term use, these rollers tend to loose their firmness and will start to see “tracks” where you regularly apply pressure. If you’re new to foam rolling, you might not know which roller to choose, though. In addition to reading reviews, you’ll notice that foam rollers are color-coded to help users determine their level of firmness. If that’s the case, opt for a softer density roller and work your way toward using a firmer one over time. It comes with a standard AC adapter wall plug to recharge and you just plug it into your wall, standard stuff.

Firmness of foam roller
They come in many different materials and sizes, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. But there’s much more to using a foam roller than swearing and pain – recent research has started to show great benefits in improving flexibility. Foam rollers are exactly that; cylindrical tubes, sometimes made completely of foam, whereas some are hollow with a layer or foam around them. The battery is full when all the green lights are on. Standard is a usually 3 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. Continue reading Foam Roller Benefits and Choosing the Right One in UK

Elderly nutrition program – tips and guide

Elderly nutrition program is a program that is funded by both Federal and State nutrition programs. It comes under the purview of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The purpose of this program is to provide nutritious food for senior citizens. If your age is 60 (and above), you will be benefited through elderly nutrition program. The program is applicable for handicapped and disabled people (less than 60 years old) who live with the elderly people. Nutritious food will be served at various sites or will be home-delivered. It is not only the nutrition but also the rehabilitation and social services will be offered through elderly nutrition program.

Congregate Meals

Elderly nutrition program intends to deliver at least one meal per day. The meal contains one third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance of nutrients that are prescribed for one day. Congregate meals are served at various public places which include schools, churches and senior centers. It might be delivered at any other commonplace where senior citizens will gather. The intention of a social program is that senior citizens will get an opportunity to meet with other fellow citizens. The program intends to promote the socialization process.

In addition to the supply of nutritious food through congregate meals, senior citizens will be advised to take special precautions to maintain their health conditions. They will be taught about the importance of physical exercises. Senior citizens will be able to take steps to promote their health. Various disease prevention measures will be taught as part of the elderly nutrition program.

Meals on Wheels

‘Home delivered meals’ which is distributed as part of the elderly nutrition program is also referred as meals on wheels. This is offered to people who cannot attend for meals at public places. They should also meet other eligibility criteria as well. You will get fresh meals to your doorsteps from Monday to Friday. You should also undergo a well-being check as part of the nutrition program.

Risk with Elderly nutrition program

You should assess the health risk posed due to lack of nutrition. If you are unable to eat food on a regular basis or if you are suffering from sickness, you should understand the importance of nutrition. You should eat at least two times a day. You should be able to take all seasonal fruits by which you will be able to get all the vitamins, proteins and minerals. You should not drink or smoke. If you have any issues related to food intake, you should have a proper medical checkup.

If you do not have money in your hands, you should avail nutritional program. If you do not have company of someone at your food table and if you eat alone most of the times, you should want to utilize the nutrition program which is jointly organized by the State and Federal governments. To be part of the program, you can donate an amount voluntarily. Individuals can live in their own house in their old age by utilizing Elderly nutrition program.