Elderly nutrition program – tips and guide

Elderly nutrition program is a program that is funded by both Federal and State nutrition programs. It comes under the purview of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs. The purpose of this program is to provide nutritious food for senior citizens. If your age is 60 (and above), you will be benefited through elderly nutrition program. The program is applicable for handicapped and disabled people (less than 60 years old) who live with the elderly people. Nutritious food will be served at various sites or will be home-delivered. It is not only the nutrition but also the rehabilitation and social services will be offered through elderly nutrition program.

Congregate Meals

Elderly nutrition program intends to deliver at least one meal per day. The meal contains one third of the Recommended Dietary Allowance of nutrients that are prescribed for one day. Congregate meals are served at various public places which include schools, churches and senior centers. It might be delivered at any other commonplace where senior citizens will gather. The intention of a social program is that senior citizens will get an opportunity to meet with other fellow citizens. The program intends to promote the socialization process.

In addition to the supply of nutritious food through congregate meals, senior citizens will be advised to take special precautions to maintain their health conditions. They will be taught about the importance of physical exercises. Senior citizens will be able to take steps to promote their health. Various disease prevention measures will be taught as part of the elderly nutrition program.

Meals on Wheels

‘Home delivered meals’ which is distributed as part of the elderly nutrition program is also referred as meals on wheels. This is offered to people who cannot attend for meals at public places. They should also meet other eligibility criteria as well. You will get fresh meals to your doorsteps from Monday to Friday. You should also undergo a well-being check as part of the nutrition program.

Risk with Elderly nutrition program

You should assess the health risk posed due to lack of nutrition. If you are unable to eat food on a regular basis or if you are suffering from sickness, you should understand the importance of nutrition. You should eat at least two times a day. You should be able to take all seasonal fruits by which you will be able to get all the vitamins, proteins and minerals. You should not drink or smoke. If you have any issues related to food intake, you should have a proper medical checkup.

If you do not have money in your hands, you should avail nutritional program. If you do not have company of someone at your food table and if you eat alone most of the times, you should want to utilize the nutrition program which is jointly organized by the State and Federal governments. To be part of the program, you can donate an amount voluntarily. Individuals can live in their own house in their old age by utilizing Elderly nutrition program.