Kid’s Fitness Trackers

Today kids are busy playing video and computer games and are no longer being active outside. While some games encourage learning they don’t exert any physical fitness out of our children. Here at Kid’s Fitness Trackers we want to change that. At our store we offer the best kid’s fitness tracker designed to help your child move and be more active in their lives. You can checkout some top quality fitness trackers in India here.

Whether you child has an abundance amount of energy or a lack of it, the LeapBand Activity Tracker will help. With a LeapFrog LeapBand your child will be more active, enjoy their activity, learn about health and nutrition and much more! If you are struggling with keeping your youngster physically fit, Kid’s Fitness Trackers is here to help! Shop now at our store and save on the latest kid’s activity trackers.

These days kids are less active not just outside but inside their homes as well. With our busy lives it gets hard to provide children with various activities that will keep them moving and alert. The Leap Frog LeapBand for kids provides your child with numerous of activities that will utilize their gross motor skills. The Leap Band fitness tracker for kids is easy to use, affordable, and an effective way to have your children moving and learning.

Unlike other games and toys, the Leap Band for Kids provides:

  • Movement and activities for kids
  • Encourages healthy play
  • Health and nutrition facts for your child
  • Time
  • Mini games
  • Personalized pet


Parents and children love the LeapBand because it is an activity tracker made for kids. The LeapBand provides kids ages four to seven with fun ways to express themselves, exert their energy, and learn about healthy food choices. Today we live in a world where unhealthy food choices lurk in every direction and with a kid’s electronic device like the LeapBand we can encourage better eating habits and lifestyle for our youngsters.

Here at Kid’s Fitness Trackers we want to help you make better purchases for your kids. With fitness tracker for kids like the LeapBand you will be providing your children with healthy activities, play and learning. Since we are affiliated with Amazon this means that all of your orders are 100% secure and that you are receiving the lowest possible prices available online. If you are tired of watching your child sit on the couch and play games, do something about it. Buy LeapBand for Kids today and watch your child grow, play, and learn in a healthy way!

How To Use LeapBand Activity Tracker

We all want our kids to be active so that they don’t have to deal with any health issues in the future. Some parents want tools that will keep their child occupied and help them to get tired. With the LeapBand activity tracker your can do that. LeapFrog has always created fun and interactive toys that are easy to use and engage a child’s learning. With the LeapBand your child can have fun while moving their body and using their energy productively.

The LeapBand is full of great features such as:

  • Rechargeable battery-The battery can last up to 3 days and is easily charged up with a USB cable.
  • For Ages 4-7– Today it’s hard to find products that kids can use for years especially activity products that will keep them entertained.
  • Can Play Games-Don’t be alarmed because the games the child plays are cute and even educational. They will learn about healthy food options and health facts and get to feed, play and nurture their own virtual pet.
  • Learn Time-The LeapBand also speaks and will say the time at different points. This will help your child learn numbers and tell time.
  • Customizable– The LeapBand can be customized by the parents so that the child can do the activity at a certain time each day. You can even put the LeapBand on school mode.


These are just some of the great features the LeapBand offers. While the LeapBand is not touchscreen it is still easy to use for you and your kids. Here are some steps on how to use LeapBand activity tracker:

Connect the Activity Tracker to Your PC-Connect your LeapBand kid’s activity tracker to your PC or laptop and go to LeapBand Connect. With this feature you can add up to 36 new challenges for your child to do. You can also set up when your child will do the activities and set up a Quiet or School Mode. Conncting the LeapBand with the USB will also charge the device

Put It On– The LeapBand is lightweight and comes in three different colors; pink, blue and green. It can be worn as a watch. It will monitor your child’s activity throughout the day and shows an energy bar on the screen. With every activity they do they will be rewarded with point that can go towards their avatar pet.

These are the basic steps on how to us LeapBand activity tracker for kids. Since the device is water resistant you don’t have to worry about water splashes. LeapBand kid’s activity tracker is also very durable and can endure the daily bumps and falls.