Things You Should Know About Convection microwave ovens

Convection microwave ovens can heat food up to 25% faster than standard microwave ovens. Convection microwave ovens also work on a lower wattage, which saves energy and makes them more energy efficient, and they cost less to run than a standard microwave oven. Checkout 10 best microwave ovens in India here.

Convection microwave ovens can re-heat, broil, bake, and make food crispy. Convection ovens can be found in black, white, or stainless steel, and they take up no more room than a standard microwave oven.

The technology behind convection microwave ovens is the same as convection ovens. There is a fan in the back of the microwave, which blows over hot water and causes hot air to circulate inside the microwave. The moving air heat will eliminate or greatly reduce hot spots and cold spots in food, and they will make and cook more evenly than in a standard microwave oven. Another way convection microwave ovens differ from standard microwave ovens is that they can be preheated, which allows you to bake in them.

Like standard microwave ovens, you can get convention microwave ovens with great features, such as one-touch sensor cooking and re-heating, multi-language menu screen, a programmable keypad, quick minute button, popcorn button, and a keep warm/simmer function, which allows you to use a lower wattage if you just want something to be kept warm for dinner.

You can also find convection microwave ovens with turntables you can turn off. This would allow you to only use it when you want to, unlike other microwaves where you either have a turntable all the time or none of the time.

You can get convection microwave ovens equipped with Inverter Technology. Inverter technology supplies continuous power, so there is a constant energy flow. The intensity of the energy flow varies based on the meal selection. These convection microwave ovens provide consistent and even heat, which allows you to cook, defrost and reheat without the edges of your food will get overcooked or hard. The continuous power also means a faster cooking time.

Because the flow of energy in the microwave is never really shut down it heats up faster than other microwaves. Add the increased speed of inverter technology to the already faster speed of convection heating, and you’ll be able to cook just about anything in a fraction of the time you normally would.

Although convection microwave ovens use to be more expensive than standard microwave ovens, the prices have come down considerably over the past few years, and they can now be found for around the same price. They are no longer considered a high-end appliances, which makes them more available to the everyday cook.

Convection microwave ovens are the best of both worlds; they have the speed of a microwave but the browning ability of a convection oven. Because convection microwave ovens can be used for many of the task you would normally use an oven for, you can save a lot on your energy bill by using the convection microwave oven instead.

Convection Microwave Cooking

When it comes to cooking and convection ovens me and my ADD self just cant stand waiting what seems like ages for the oven to pre-heat. It drives me nuts! So I decided to get a convection microwave oven for all my convection microwave cooking

I have a story to tell about this which can be mildly depressing. One time When I was younger, probably about 13 years old. Of course 13-year-olds are going to be extremely responsible and especially those with ADD. Now for those of you who don’t believe ADD is real.

Just think of me as a very absent minded, curious little boy. So I was cooking one of those little $1 pizza’s in the oven for lunch and of course I got distracted while the oven was pre heating and Just took off to go follow my ridiculous curiosity.

I think I saw a bird outside sitting on our fence and had to get my BB gun and try and shoot. What 13 year old doesnt HAVE to try that at least once in his life? Anyway there was a dry rag sitting near the stove that somehow got brushed in front of the oven so that it was hanging down in front of it. Of course you know where this is going.

Yes after about an hour the rag caught on fire. I saw smoke coming from the house and got scared. I went into the kitchen to see what it was and to my dismay the kitchen area was in flames. I realized that I had left the oven on and started to cry because I knew that I was the one who was responsible for the fire.

Anyway my dad came running downstairs and started rushing all over this place trying to put it out with water and dirt and he even produced a fire extinguisher from somewhere. I didn’t even know he had one. Anyway within about 10 minutes he had put out the fire and was sitting on the ground bewildered and obviously stressed out from the whole ordeal. I knew I had it coming. And it was true. I did have it coming.

Anyway the point of this story is to illustrate my paranoia with regular sized convection ovens now. Yes I do my convection microwave cooking now with a convection microwave oven. Call me crazy but its just how I roll, OK? I don’t want my apartment burning down while I go chase after the next thing that pique my interest.

Convection microwave cooking is awesome because it goes so fast too. Yes I still love my $1 pizzas and now even more because I get to eat them faster. Check out the link to get your own convection microwave oven.

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