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Wifi Router Buying Guide

In the world of new, cutting edge, WIFI electronic devices, nothing is better for the person who is always on the go than a tablet PC, and let’s face it; most of us are perpetually on the go these days. The tablet pc is a light weight, thin touch screen device that has many of the same features as a desktop computer yet it comes in a high tech package that can sometimes fit in the pocket of an overcoat. They are manufactured by a variety of companies and host several operating systems. They range in price from very affordable to somewhat exuberant which means they can fit into virtually any budget. Choosing the best quality wifi routers in india is a time consuming task because there are so many different models of wifi routers available in the market.

Everyone in the family is guaranteed to love their tablet pc from day one. Mom will often use it for jotting little notes or maybe browsing for recipes or even online shopping. Dad will love his on father’s day and beyond as he brings it with him to the job site so he can keep up with his sports scores or even just to research a topic during down time. If mom or dad have one, don’t expect to keep it out of the kids hands either. They will love them for the internet or even games. Yes, it no surprise the tablet pc is taking the electronic world by storm.

5 Reason that indicates your car battery will going to die soon

Of course car batteries have a shelf life of their own, but sometimes it may just be imminent that your car battery is going to die soon. What are those circumstances and how do we predict them accurately so as to prevent such a situation from affecting your mobility?

In this article, we look at 5 reasons or circumstances that point towards your car battery dying soon, which will give you a very good heads up on planning ahead.

Lights left on

One of the most common reasons that can point towards your car battery dying soon (unless of course it is dead already!) is leaving lights, especially headlights on for a prolonged period, say overnight. In case you have inadvertently done so, be prepared for a dead battery.

Other power draining points

Lights such as headlights are only one of the potential power drainers. Other instances include the glove compartment light, the trunk light, cigarette lighter (especially if you have gadgets plugged into it), and the radio or car stereo which may have been left running for long while the car ignition was not on. To predict if your car battery is going to die soon, you need to check if any of these situations apply in your case.

General old age

As mentioned right at the outset, car batteries have a shelf life of their own. Typically it is about 5 years though things may vary either way. Yet, it would be useful for you to bear in mind that once such a time frame has passed, it is quite possible that your car battery dies.


Sulphation refers to lead crystals accumulating on battery plates, preventing car batteries from charging optimally. If this happens over a prolonged period of time, it is quite possible that your car battery might suffer a premature demise.

Weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions, especially put a strain on car batteries particularly severe winter. So if you happen to be in a bitterly cold clime, be prepared for the unforeseen expiration of your car battery.


There are many factors or situations that could lead to your car battery draining. Here we have discussed some of the most common reasons that a car battery would die soon. But its not an issue that cannot be solved and you can easily make it safe by using a car battery tender or a battery charger to make it work again.

Benefits of using wireless speakers

If you own a cell phone, you’ve probably used Bluetooth already. Bluetooth speakers offer many benefits to the user, so if you’re considering investing in one, read on. These new age speakers have become highly popular among people across all segments. Interference can be another problem. Maybe it’s a small room and there isn’t space for anything larger or maybe you’re not ready to spend as much. They get easily connected to the device of your choice without entering into the complications of plugging and unplugging. Nowadays, you can buy everything from earphones and headphones to headsets that run on this technology. Here are the advantages of Bluetooth speakers and why you should invest in them. No or easy installations If you are using these speakers then the need for no major exercise arises. There are lots of devices that emit radio waves. Bluetooth speakers can bring full range audio into any room in your home for not a lot of money, and without taking up much space. These speakers are designed to offer utmost convenience to the users. Many modern laptops and netbooks also utilize Bluetooth to connect devices wirelessly, including speakers, headphones and small printers. You can’t beat a good pair of headphones for the best sound quality when listening to music – but if you want to share your favourite tunes with your friends and family, a Bluetooth speaker is the best way to go. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily make use of these speakers.

If those radio waves are on the same frequency as your sound system and speakers, you could get some garbled signals as you listen to your music. A Bluetooth speaker is quite simply the most versatile speaker that you can own. You will find portable speakers that fit into any space comfortably. The two common technologies most prevalent in wireless speakers are RF (radio frequency) and Infra-Red. One of the true benefits of Bluetooth speakers is that they are energy efficient. These can be easily connected to Bluetooth and would start playing your video or music as soon as it is connected. Dropped signals can also be a issue — if a transmitter or receiver stops working or drops out, it will affect your listening experience. Any time and any place that you need music you’ve got a simple and effective way to make it happen. These speakers are small in size, but the output is quite good. While both have their own merits, their functionality is somewhat limited. There’s no need to plug them into the mains as they operate on batteries, meaning you can simply replace them (if they take disposable batteries) or recharge them before use for hours of fun. All it takes is a few seconds to use these speakers. 2. Another problem is bandwidth.

You can easily carry these speakers along with you to office, leisure, park, or gym and enjoy your favorite music without attaching any wires. Radio Frequency, for instance, can sometimes suffer from interference and reception issues, while Infra-Red requires the device and the receiver to be in-line with each other, thereby limiting portability. Decent Bluetooth batteries can run nonstop for up to 48 hours – that’s plenty of time for you to party the night away to your favourite music. Wireless Now this is one of the main advantages of using these speakers. Wired speakers can carry a lot of information in the form of electrical signals. All you have to do is store the music in your mobile and connect it with the Bluetooth speakers anywhere anytime for entertainment in full swing. Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, can work without any spatial restrictions as long as the speakers and the receiver are within 30 feet of each other. Unlike other hardware which needs installing, with a set of these speakers you simply place them up to five metres from the source device (where your music is stored) and press play – it’s as easy as that. No longer have you to compromise with aesthetics or struggle with wires when you are making use of this type of speakers. Wireless signals can’t really compete.