Types of Air Purifiers

Ionic breeze air purifiers

Every time when a new product emerges into the market and the people begin using it, controversies appear. Some people say that it’s very good and it’s doing its job very well, while others say that it’s not good at all. It’s also the case of Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers which are met by some people with high skepticism. Even if they didn’t try it. With hundreds of different top air purifiers in India available, Finding the best air purifiers is a challenging task.

In fact, it’s enough for a bad rumor to appear about something and everybody who will not even have a clue about it will tend to believe it. It’s the way that people behave with new things. They always have the tendency to reject the new. But always, in time, the good products are sold and keep the line, while the junk products are quickly forgotten and eliminated from the market.

But Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers have been already sold for years and the technology begins now to mature. It’s normal for a product to have a line of evolution. Every product has. And at the beginning of a product’s life, it is sometimes a little less effective.

And this is not happening only in the technology field. You can find this in all other fields like services, arts, etc. But you can see that Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers are always sold. Why did they not disappear from the market yet ? Because there are people who really saw it at work. They bought it and they are all impressed by their performance and efficiency.

The Air Purifiers based on Ionic Breeze have no fans or filters. Their principle is based on the property of electrostatic field which is formed between the two plates of the apparatus. This electrostatic field ionizes the very close surrounding air of the metallic plates causing a change in the pressure which is lower. Consequently an air flow is created and begins to move between the plates first. But this happens progressively and volume zones of different pressures are created which engage the next surrounding volume zones.

Particles and dust are conducted by the air flow near the metallic plates which are electrically charged and they are captured exactly like an electrically charged plastic material which captures small pieces of paper, hair etc. This is the basic principle and it’s very efficient with tiny things which can float in the air in a closed space like a room.

In a few hours after you turned it on, you begin to sense a more clear air and the sensation of easy breathing. All you need to do is to periodically check the plates, every 1 week or at 10 days and clean them. After a week, if you don’t clean the metallic plates, the air purifier becomes inefficient.

Yes, indeed, the Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers are not revolutionary in performance compared to Classic Air Purifiers and they are not very cheap. But I believe that they represent a progress. The advantages of using them instead of classic ones are the fact that they are completely silent and they have no additional costs.

Ionic Pro Air Purifier

Are you feeling more tired than usual? Do you often feel dizzy or nauseous and you can’t seem to understand why since you slept well the night before? Well, not many might want to accept this fact (while some just don’t know about it); our homes can become one of our worst health foes without us even knowing it.

Invisible to the naked eye are pet dander, carpet fibers, dust particles and dirt that float about in the air we breathe. Given enough time, we breathe them in too and they could potentially be hazardous to our health if we don’t pay any attention to the different ways of getting rid of them.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking that sweeping, regular dusting and vacuuming would get rid of them. Unfortunately, while they do help, they don’t exactly get rid of everything and many still get left behind. If you continually breathe in these dust particles, you can develop some serious health complications. This is why an Ionic Pro Air Purifier should have a place somewhere in your home to make the air you breathe in, much cleaner.

This is the latest in air purification technology and you will notice a significant change in air quality once you have it installed. In fact, within just days of having installed it, many people already saw changes in their energy levels and over all well being.

If you are among the people who are a bit skeptical with regards to the Ionic Pro Air Purifier and see it as nothing more than a hoax then take note of the following. First, there are impurities found in the air that are invisible to the naked eye and are odorless, you cannot get rid of them through sweeping and not even vacuuming.

More often than not, these particles are the ones that can cause some serious health issues and they can get into your circulatory system quickly because of their size. But through the use of an ionic purifier, you can get rid of these impurities in a flash. What sets it apart from your ordinary purifiers is the technology behind it which makes use of negative ions in combination with the positive ions in the air molecules found in your home.

When these two are put together, they form a kind of particle magnet which pulls all the impurities in the air towards them. As they do this, they become heavier in weight and they would eventually fall down to your floor (where you can simply sweep them up or vacuum them, effectively) or fall into one of those collection plates that can be found in some ionic air purifier models.

Needless to say, these air purifiers are most certainly not just for you and your family’s well being but also in keeping your home a haven of cleanliness and good health. After all, no one wants to feel that their homes are unhealthy and is the cause of their illnesses. So keep the air in your home clean and bacteria free through one of these purifiers and see the difference it makes.