Types of Water Filtration System

Whole House Water Filtration System – Your Guide To Finding What Works For You

If you use the best whole house water filtration system, you can drink, bathe and shower with a feeling of safety and purity. There are several factors that determine if your system is the right system. If you are looking to buy top quality water purifiers, Then checkout the list of 10 best water purifiers in India here.

Is your water supply contaminated? Most likely it is, especially if you’re supplied by a local water system. Chlorine and sediments ruin the pipes and add hugely to your plumbing expenses. Chlorine destroys the fixtures and rubber parts, for example the flap in the toilet.

If you are using a private well, do have testing conducted. Then, reconsider all of your possibilities before you buy anything. One popular whole house water filtration system is called reverse osmosis. However, there are much better, much more effective options available, and they are a good deal less expensive.

Since my home uses the public water suppliers, I wanted to look into a filter system that would remove the chlorine and numerous other chemicals present in the water. After more than a little investigative shopping, here is what I learned.

On the market, you can find five effective and popular brands. Two of these products don’t say anything about chlorine reduction or specific percentages. The remaining three filters eliminate over 99% of the harmful chlorine, as found by the National Sanitation Foundation and Underwriters Laboratories.

After I did more looking into the best three filters, I learned of one that would have required another electrical outlet. It operated on electricity, thus needlessly increasing my utility bill while costing more for better water. No thank you, I don’t need that extra expense.

For several good reasons, I elected not to use the reverse osmosis method. It wastes water by “back flushing”, and for those of us who want to protect our environment, reverse osmosis simply adds to the waste water problem.

With two products remaining, I looked at one produced by the Wellness Company at a price of $5950. The other filtration system, made by Aquasana, cost just under $1000, and understandably that was the one I purchased. Still, I had to look more closely at their filter; surely there was a good reason for such a high price?

I had to assume that a filter system costing six times as much would no doubt do a lot to protect my and my family’s health, but a look at the company’s website did not convince me. There are lots of claims about the effectiveness of their product but I found very little proof of their assertions.

One claim is that the water is healthier because the system “enhances” the water by ridding it of chlorine. Well, yes, we do want chlorine removed for many reasons. True enough. But we do not have to pay $6000 for the job.

For us, choosing Aquasana was a well thought out and highly satisfying decision. And, we hope that you will also be happy with your choice of a whole house water filtration system. Be sure to do your research as I have; it can pay rich dividends.

5 Reasons You Should Install a Shower Water Filter Today!

There’s a good chance that you already know all of the reasons you need to install a drinking water filter. However, you may not realize that it’s just as important to make sure that you also have a shower water filter. Why is this? Well, take a look below for just 5 of the reasons you need to install a shower water filter today.

Contains more chlorine than pools– Most people don’t realize that tap water can contain as much or more chlorine than swimming pools. This is a big problem since chlorine has tons of negative affects on your health. A shower water filter will actually remove the chlorine from your water to make it safer.

Worse than drinking tap water– Another big reason that you should install a shower water filter today is that showering with unfiltered water is actually worse for you than drinking unfiltered water. Not only does the water sink into your skin when you shower, but you are also inhaling the vaporized water, which has a higher concentration of toxins than drinking water.

May lead to cancer– One of the chemicals in tap water, chlorine, has been shown to actually increase your chances of developing breast cancer, and this is just one of the examples. There are several different toxins that could be present in your water that are known to lead to various cancers, including colon cancer and more.

Pollutes the air– As mentioned above, there is a high concentration of toxins in the vaporized water from the shower. These toxins are then released into the air for you to breathe, contaminating the air quality in your home. So, installing a shower water filter will actually improve your air quality.

Dries out skin and hair– While all of the other reasons to install a shower water filter are definitely more serious, another reason is that you’ll notice a significant improvement in your skin and hair. Since the chlorine in your water actually dries out your skin and hair, once you install a filter, you’ll notice that both are much softer than before in just a week or two.

These are just some of the reasons that a shower water filter is so important. The best part is that it’s such an affordable option. You can find a high quality shower water filter for less than $70, with replacement filters costing around $50 every six months. This is a great value when you compare the cost to all of the benefits you’ll see.

If you are looking for a great shower water filter, then we recommend you buy an Aquasana product. We personally use Aquasana products ourselves and can say nothing but great things about the quality of their products and their customer service.